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  • When The Two Sevens Clash

    , by Nico Melanine

    The UK and especially London were places of great musical activity and creativity in the 70s. At the end of the decade two genres seemingly wide apart, Reggae and Punk, came together. What came out of it was not only musically innovative but also tackled some important social and political (...)

  • There Will Be Mixed Blood: TV On the Radio, Werewolves Like Us

    , by Grégory Pierrot

    Blood is a strong marker in American politics, and TV On the Radio tap into this vein in their lyrics and videos. Blood in TVOTR is systematically connected to notions of political engagement, community and love in reflections on the intersection of race, love, entertainment and politics. So (...)

  • Strike in the French West Indies

    , by @Alfred, Alfred

    It happens so rarely that it might just be a dream: the West Indies are on the front pages of all major French newspapers, several days in a row? What the hell is happening? It is a revolt. No; a revolution. Looking beyond usual official bullshit about strikes and riots and the like, one can (...)


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